Ghost Writers In The Sky

OK, first off, I know that the title of the screed today is NOT the name of the song – as you’ll see it’s an attempt at humor.  Second, it really isn’t “in the sky” – more like “in the cloud” given the subject today, which is content creation.

Words have a power all their own

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When you spend a minute or two here on the screed, you’re getting something produced by me.  I write every word (OK, other than those I grab from press releases but I usually let you know when I’m doing that).  That hands-on approach isn’t necessarily the norm, and as the strategy of content marketing has become a bigger deal, ghost writing – specifically ghost blogging – has grown with it.

You might think that as someone who spends some time each work day trying to produce content that I might have an issue with those folks who hire ghost bloggers.  You’d be wrong if you thought that – I believe it’s an excellent thing for many companies to do.  I can spend a few hundred words here writing about content marketing but if you really want an explanation contact me and I’m happy to spend a few minutes explaining it.  Better yet –  hire me to do it for you! In any event, not everyone can write well and very few can create content on a regular basis (try to blog 300-500 words every day for a few weeks and let me know if you can).  Along with it being great content the piece needs to be written in a way that’s SEO-friendly so it’s discoverable by the audience you’re trying to reach.

Here is the caveat – you can’t lose authenticity   When I do content for someone, I have  a conversation with them about the topic we’re trying to cover.  That topic can be generated by something going on at the company – a new product, for example – or it can be based on a discovery in the web analytics – the brand is getting a lot of traffic from people searching for “X” so let’s write about that.  It’s their thinking and their ideas – I’m just putting their words down on paper.  That’s why I don’t really have an issue with ghost writers – the good ones are doing transcription more than they’re putting words into people’s (or brands’) mouths.  Besides, how many books written by CEOs, sports figures, or politicians are ghost written?  Nearly all.

What do you think?  Let me know – or hire someone to write the comment for you!

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