Too Much Noise

I’ll keep this brief.

My head hurts.  There’s too much noise.  It’s everywhere. Email, RSS, Tweats, Friendfeed, etc.  Political noise getting in the way of the real issues.  Facebook noise stopping real communication.  There’s even noise about noise – search the Twitter stream for “noise”  – lots of folks are overwhelmed.

Maybe it’s given us all technologically-induced ADD.  Who can focus for more than a minute?!?!  Try and unplug – it’s like quitting smoking or drinking or any bad habit.  Your skin crawls, your mind races.  Your breathing speeds up, as does your heart.  “What’s going on?  What am I missing?”

Thoreau suggested that our lives are frittered away by detail.  “Simplify, simplify.”

Which is why I don’t post more than once a day and not on weekends – let’s give it a rest once in a while.

I love technology.  I love what the web has done to improve lives and give people the opportunity to grow beyond the boundaries of their physical communities and learning resources.  But PLEASE!  Don’t you hate when people use their cell phones loudly on the train?  Don’t you hate it when the TV in the next room is up too loud and you can’t read?  Don’t you hate it when the kid next door is banging on his (drums, guitar, clarinet- whatever) and you can’t think?  YOU wouldn’t make that noise!

So don’t.


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2 responses to “Too Much Noise

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  2. Mr. Ritter,

    Couldn’t resist responding to this one…. For true peace and quiet, may I suggest the Moondance Ridge Bed and Breakfast of New Paltz. It’s lovely here… and very quiet. Shhhhhhhhh…. people are napping after breakfast. 🙂

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