You can fool some of the people…

I get the whole iPhone mystique, really I do.  I have an iTouch and the software and elegance of the interface is remarkable.  However, at some point the limitations of this device (closed ecosystem, expensive to own, etc.) are going to catch up.  No company, not even one as great at design and implementation as is Apple, gets a pass from consumers and the marketplace.

If WiMax was fully deployed and a mini-notebook or cloud computer could handle voice communications neatly via Skype, etc, how do we feel about the demands of the iPhone, both fiscal and emotional?  The web has become a pretty open place – why does it seem as if lot of folks are rushing out to spend big bucks on something that restricts that freedom?

All of us have awakened saying “never again” after taking a physical, financial, and emotional inventory following a glorious night out.  I’m willing to bet that when these multiyear agreements with AT&T are up, a lot of folks are going to take an Alka Seltzer and move on.

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One response to “You can fool some of the people…

  1. ButtChew

    When the multiyear contracts are up, we’ll be eligible for the new iPhone 🙂

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