Sharpening Your Knives

For our Foodie Friday Fun, let’s talk about knives.  It’s impossible (almost) to cook without one, and I find it nearly so with a dull one.  Dull knives are more likely to slip off whatever it is you’re cutting and onto (into?) your finger, so it’s in everyone’s best interest to keep their knives sharp as can be.

As a public service of sorts, here’s how to sharpen a knife:

How To Sharpen A Knife

Obviously, it’s not the same as a bit of honing using a steel.  That’s really the equivalent of an after work cocktail as opposed to two weeks off.  Which is exactly the point.

Each of us need to sharpen ourselves from time to time.  I don’t know about you, but “quitting time” is a foreign concept in an “always on” world, and it’s pretty hard to do more than find the time to “steel” ourselves.  Like a dull knife, however, we often end up doing more harm than good when we don’t take the time to stay sharp.  There’s less pressure involved when the blade is sharp – we operate with a lighter touch.  That’s true in both the kitchen and in the office.

What better advice can one give on a Friday?

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  1. gold account

    I received my knife as I was just beginning to make dinner and the timing was perfect. I was immediately struck by how beautiful it was, then I started using it. It’s the sharpest knife I have ever used, bar none. Not really much more to say about that, it’s just sharp.If you’re researching ceramic knives you know that they have special care instructions. Basically, no dishwasher. And it’s meant solely for slicing and cutting, so you won’t be prying jars open with this. Of course, you shouldn’t be prying jars open with knives anyway, professor.Buy it. Seriously, it’s great. It won’t get dull for a LONG TIME and when it does you just send it to Kyocera in California and they sharpen it for free. FREE.A little advice, though. When you get it don’t try testing out it’s sharpness on your skin.

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