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Today’s Foodie Friday Fun is a broader business point made by a chef.  I’m going to be brief today but I could go on for hours about the topic (and those who’ve worked for me have heard me do so!)

Michael Symon

Michael Symon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I made a note a couple of months ago to talk about a panel discussion at the South Beach food & Wine Festival because I found something that chef Michael Symon had to say resonating with me. HuffPo reported it on it and you can watch the discussion on Ustream if you’re interested.

This is a great summary:

Symon said that the hardest part of being a chef is to delegate work. Over the years, as he has continued to open restaurants, Symon has grown comfortable with the team he has put in place. He hasn’t worked the line in 13 years, but still remains involved in his restaurants. “The greatest chefs are the greatest teachers,” he mused.

Two great points that go well beyond the business of the kitchen.  As I became a better manager and as I trained others to manage, the single most difficult thing for me to get them  (and myself) to do was to delegate effectively.  You can’t do everything and the one thing I tried to make sure I did was to empower others and give them the tools – knowledge, resources – to get done what I charged them with accomplishing.  It requires trust and it requires you to train them. Neither is easy – both are critical.

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