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I have seen the future and it’s disconnected! From what? From the wall, from the wire, and maybe from you if you’re a content creator who’s not thinking ahead. I used to write this on my desktop PC; today I’m writing it on my laptop; tomorrow, I could be writing it on a tablet or my phone (which I do sometimes now in a pinch). Fortunately for me, the CMS I use (WordPress) has versions optimized for each device. It’s not quite so easy, however, if you’re producing content rather than software, especially video content, and that’s going to be a critical fix on your “to do” list if it’s not already.

I wouldn’t want to be making PC’s these days, at least not desktops designed for home use:

Future digital TV/video consumption will shift to tablets from PCs.

Scottsdale, Ar.-based media researcher In-Stat says 65% of the U.S. population will own a smart phone and/or tablet by 2015 — that comes to over 200 million people in total. The survey says this estimate will have an impact on how video entertainment is acquired and consumed.

Other surveys suggest that laptops and PC business have already taken a hit because of new portable tablets.

That’s from Media Post this morning.  After the Netflix app was released for my smartphone last week, I experienced first-hand what this all means.  I began watching a show on Netflix via my daughter’s Xbox at her school.  I continued watching where I left off when I got home on my other daughter’s iPad.  We had to go out so I continued watching (while someone else drove, thank you) on my phone.  In each case, the video was optimized for the device and the bandwidth available, and the transition from device to device was seamless.

If you are presenting video content and are still locked into the PC, you’re going to be very far behind in less than a year.  35% of American adults own a smart phone today and nearly 5% of consumers own a tablet after them only being on the market for a year.  That’s extremely rapid change.  Marketers need to be rethinking how consumers will interact with ads on these new platforms and need to look for ways to tap into existing consumer behaviors to integrate these devices more appropriately into campaigns.  The nature of video and how users will interact with it – remember that the majority of folks are multitasking while watching, especially if they own a tablet.

Seen any good examples of someone leading in this space?  Thoughts?

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