Happy Food

Blue Stilton PDO Cheese, one quarter of a half...

You can tell it’s Friday from the food headline, right? I was rummaging around the fridge last night and came across some stinky cheese (OK, a very fine Stilton) and some pate I had forgotten I purchased a few days ago. Those things might not appeal to you but to me they’re a loud alarm going off that’s screaming “find some wine and crackers,” which is what I did.  When I stopped making happy noises, I had a thought about business.  Not about whatever tasks I wasn’t going to get done while I drank wine and ate cheese but about business life in general.  Which is this:

You wouldn’t walk into a restaurant and order something which you know will make you unhappy.  No one asks “what’s the worst thing on the menu” or “what do your diners send back to the kitchen on a regular basis.”  You’re about to pay your hard-earned bucks to please your palate and make you happy.  You’re looking for what I found in the fridge last night – happy food.

Why is your business life any different?  Yeah, I know they call it “work” for a reason but to the extent we can order up things that make us happy (and keep in mind that money can’t buy happiness!), maybe we should.

Hate your boss?  What did you try to find out about him or her before you took the job?  Maybe you should have asked those questions before you found out about what it paid.  The office culture where you work is toxic?  Did you use your connections and the web to find that out or did the fast food of a new title distract you?  Your client is an overbearing pain?  Did you ask around about them before you took their money or was making the sale more important than your sanity?

I’m only ordering happy food if I can and if I can’t I’ll try to find another place to eat.  What’s on your plate?

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