Looking Past What You See

What’s among the hottest categories of gifts this holiday season? E-readers. Seems like everyone either has one, is giving one, or is getting one. I know of quite a few folks who are installing the Kindle software on their iPads to accomplish the same task. Hey – that’s pretty amazing – I just mentioned 2 hot items that didn’t exist a couple of years ago but now are everywhere.
As with a lot of things, I think it’s interesting to take a look back, so here are a few direct quotes to help you remember.Let’s take this quote about the product:

Would I buy it? Yes, but I’m a geek. I can’t really recommend this to other people yet. Sorry.  It’s obvious that they never had this device in their hands when they were designing it.  Whoever designed this should be fired and the team should start over.

Now Robert Scoble happens to be right a lot more often than he’s wrong but I’m not so sure he was right here although in fairness he was talking about a V1.0 product. Then again, he wasn’t alone:

I’m rooting for Jeff and the Kindle. I’m not sure that he’s going to win his bet that people will use a single-purpose device rather than reading on a multi-function device like the iPhone and its successors.

Sort of right and sort of wrong.  In fact, in reading over a bunch of posts from a few years back when the Kindle was new, the people who tended to be right were the ones that looked past what they held in their hands and saw the potential.

Looking past what you see is a trait more managers need to cultivate in themselves and their staffs.  Too often good ideas that are not yet great get killed off because everyone is too focused on the “is” and not on the “could be.”  Big mistake.

Danny Aiello did not begin acting until he was 40.  Rodney Dangerfield was an actor/comedian who didn’t really start until he was 42.  I’m sure  they threw out the ideas of what became their  stellar careers long before that.  Fortunately, they saw what they could be and not what they were.  They looked past what they saw today and embraced what they could have tomorrow.

How about you?

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