10 Reasons Why I Blog

I get asked sometimes why I write this stuff 5 days a week.  It’s probably a couple of thousand words and several hours’ time each week and I’m not going to lie and say it’s easy because sometimes it’s painfully hard.  I do have my reasons, however, and I thought I’d share 10 of them with you today.  These are in no particular order and some overlap (being concise is not one of my strengths) but they came surprisingly easily when I made the list.  Here we go.

  1. I like to write.  Pretty self-explanatory.  As an aside, I think the world places less emphasis on this ability (we spend too much time texting, reducing our thoughts to 140 characters, and posting links) and  it’s a critical communication skill each of us should practice when we can.
  2. Doing this lets me learn about the challenges clients face.  I tell many of my clients they should be blogging (for some of the reasons below) and I need to walk in the shoes I’m selling them.  It lets me understand.
  3. It keeps me current.  This is a challenge for any consultant since we’re expected to know a fair amount about a wide range of topics.  Having to produce 5 posts a week reinforces my information-gathering activities (or least lets me use some of what I find!).
  4. I like to teach.  I was trained as a teacher, I love to develop employees.  This shares my learning and lets me help.
  5. It lets me vent.  Aside from politics, which we don’t do here, there is so much that I find irritating, dumb, or ironic and writing about it keeps my blood pressure down.
  6. It stretches my brain.  Some folks do crossword puzzles – I find this to be a bigger challenge.
  7. It keeps me connected.  Besides the comments you guys leave, I get emails from folks I know and lots from people I don’t.
  8. It raises my profile.  In addition to  simply being more visible in the digital world, it helps with my search ranking in some areas besides my name and has helped me find business.
  9. It shows clients and potential clients how I approach business.  It also gives them some insight into how I approach life and lets them evaluate how we’ll mesh as we work together.
  10. Finally, I blog because I can.  I have the time (most days) to do it, I feel as if I’m contributing to a better, more rational, more thought-out world, and the tools are free!  The first time I heard from a stranger that they appreciated the learning I was passing along, I was hooked.  Is that feeding my ego?  Maybe.  But there are a lot of things I wish I could do and can’t.  I glad I have the ability to do this and so I do.

Do you blog?  Any of these apply to you?  What did I miss?

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