Two More Trends

I wrote last week about 10 trends to watch coming out of the BMO Capital Markets Advertising and Marketing Conference and told you I’d be going into detail on each. Here are the next two trends to watch – Coordinating Connections and Transactional Marketing.
I’m sure you suffer from the same connection overload that I do. Several email accounts, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social – it’s a lot of relationships to keep on track and up to date. There are lots of businesses coming together to help you, me, and business to do just that. You may be using some of them knowingly- HootSuite, TweetDeck to name a couple – and others without knowing – Facebook Connect for example.  I like to think of these as meta businesses – businesses that sit on top of other businesses.  Obviously the perfect solution is to get all of these down to just one – something that lives on top of all of your streams and cross-publishes, coordinates, segments, and alerts you to what’s going on, what input from you is required, and allows you to further the conversation from anywhere.  There have been some attempts – no one has it quite right yet (and if you know of one, please speak up!).

Transactional marketing is, in many ways, the core of business on the web.  It’s where the marketing funnel in digital ends – with purchase.  We’ve seen all of the transaction processors – Amex, MasterCard, etc. – continuing to build out the marketing services they offer to merchants.  What’s also different is how the on-line commerce folks have been working backwards from the transaction instead of at the top of the funnel.  This ties in with the previous trend about data mining I discussed last week.  Kind of makes your head hurt, I know, but absolutely critical to success.

OK, so not a lot of yucks today but we try to keep you in the know here.  Any comments?

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