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When you’re having a conversation with your friends, do you try to sell them your latest MLM scheme? When you start up a discussion at a dinner party about the economy, is their response usually about how to position your portfolio for success NOW? I didn’t think so.  So why do you, or anyone else, think that this is totally acceptable behavior in conversational media?When I join a group on LinkedIn, I’m generally doing so because I want to learn from and share with others who have common interests.  Frankly, I’m not sure how a guy posts the same item every other day in a social media professionals group (as well as a few other groups that I know of) and then, when accused of spamming the group, has the nerve to say he’s providing a service.  By the way, I’m NOT providing a link to it because I don’t want to encourage him.  He’s out of Milton Keynes, England, and talks about “free advertising to 330, 000 members.”  If his social media monitoring skills are that good, he should be able to see this and comment.  HA!

I’d say almost 25% of the new followers I get on Twitter are spammers of some sort. I’m sure you’re having the same issues.  My new policy, one I’d encourage each of you to follow, is to block, not just “unfollow”, people who post 5 or 6 times an hour and are not adding value somehow.  I know – this is holding down my number of followers but who cares?  Retweeting marketing schemes isn’t adding value – it’s adding clutter.  Telling the world you’re up and need coffee every morning is clutter, not candor.   All of this is fun and interesting when each service is new and there are hardly any folks on it.  Once they grow to where the aforementioned services are as well as Facebook, MySpace, etc., there is so much volume that you should be thinking the following as you use them:

  1. How am I adding value to the readers’ lives?
  2. Am I responding to someone’s post and furthering the conversation?
  3. Am I helping someone else out with praise, fund-raising, or awareness?

The bottom line is I want you to talk to me, with me, and not AT me.  By the way, these are pretty good rules to follow whether you’re an individual or a business.  It’s getting to the point where the good things social media contribute to my life each day are becoming obscured by the baddies out there.  It’s all of our job to police them – unfollow them, call them out as spammers to admins, etc.

Am I the only one who feels this way? How about you?

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