Daylight Savings

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I don’t know about you, but this Daylight Savings time thing is brutal.  My timing is all off.  The dog, who has the most accurate and amazing internal clock I’ve ever seen, is confused and is demanding dinner an hour late.  I’m staying up too late so the problem I’m having with the change is compounded.  I mean it’s only an hour – like taking a business trip to Chicago, right?  Wrong.

The changing of the clock isn’t the issue.  It’s not really a fundamental change.  However, the sun being up or down at a different part of the day is just the sort of thing that’s fundamental enough that your circadian rhythms are way off.  How do I know it’s fundamental change?  A quick Twitter search shows hundreds of posts in the last 24 hours about “DST” and how the tweeter can’t adjust.  That’s a full 24 hours AFTER the day the clocks changed.  Does his make me feel better?  NO!  I’m still tired and feel “off.”  Bet you do too.

But here’s the thing.  We are now living in a time (no pun intended) where our entire society is in a DST-like situation of change. There are fundamental changes going on. In media.  In retirement strategy.  In our approach to solving problems.  We can choose to keep the clocks where they are and not quite be in sync or we can change the clocks and our approach with them.

It’s sort of what Roger McNamee calls the New Normal- a time of uncertainty about security, corporate scandals, the outsourcing of jobs, and much more. And because it’s fundamental change, the old ways aren’t coming back, even when the economy recovers.

Two quotes to sum up:

“You must be on top of change or change will be on top of you. – Mark Victor Hansen

Over the weekend we had the time deal and moved the clocks forward, I guess. I never know. Because of that, we lost an hour, and I’m thinking, ‘Well hell, we’ve lost everything else. Who cares?’ – David Letterman

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  1. Yes – its like the whole hemisphere has jet lag!

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